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Over 60's National Pairs Competition
Posted by Sarah Carless on 28 January 2020
Congratulations to Ian Parsons and Alan George for reaching the area semi finals of the Over 60’s National Pairs competition.
They overcame a team from Rugby Thornfield 21-11 and now meet either Welford or Avon Valley for a place in the area final.
Annual General Meeting - Outdoor Flat Green Club
Posted by Sarah Carless on 24 January 2020




Tamworth v Birmingham
Posted by Sarah Carless on 21 January 2020
On Sunday 19th January a great game was played between Tamworth and Birmingham. The game consisted of 4 wins and 1 loss. Overall score ending in 106 - 71. Winning rink players were A Sippitts, M Walker, R Collins and T Sippitts. Well done everyone!
Tamworth V Friary
Posted by Sarah Carless on 21 January 2020
Well done to Tamworth winning their game with Friary on Saturday 18th January. The game consisted of 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Overall score was 127 - 71 and the winning rink was J Crawford, Y Hanley and J Morris. Fabulous!
Tamworth v Charnwood
Posted by Sarah Carless on 17 January 2020
On the 11th January we had another great win when Tamworth played Charnwood. We had 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. Overall score was 93 - 91 and the winning rink consisted of D Boulstridge, Y Hanley, J Wright and J Boulstridge. Well done to everybody!
Tamworth v Warwickshire
Posted by Sarah Carless on 17 January 2020
Congratulations to our Tamworth Ladies for having a fantastic win against Warwickshire on 8th January!
C Felton, L Sadler, K Weston and D Medhurst had the winning rink and all played superbly. We had 3 wins and 2 losses . Overall score was 83 - 62. Well done ladies!
Tamworth V Carlton
Posted by Sarah Carless on 06 January 2020
Tamworth played and won Carlton on Sunday 5th January. The overall score was 122 – 77. We had 4 winning rinks and 2 losing rinks. The winning rinks consisted of Diane Boulstridge, Stan Merryweather and John Boulstridge.
Booking Sheets
Posted by Sarah Carless on 06 January 2020
Booking Sheets are now back on the front reception desk (3weeks). To book a rink please enter your name, membership number or a contact telephone number and how many bowlers. Thank you.
Tamworth V Church Gresley
Posted by Sarah Carless on 30 December 2019
On Sunday 22nd December 2019, Tamworth played Church Gresley. The overall score was 79-110. We had 1 winning rink consisting of M Collins, A Collins and D Stevenson.
Tamworth V Friary
Posted by Sarah Carless on 16 December 2019
On Sunday 15th December Tamworth played Friary. The score was Tamworth 106 Friary 55. The winning rink was Dinah Boulstridge, Jenny Waight and John Boulstridge with a score of 29 - 5. Overall there was four winning rinks and one losing rink.
Annual Cheese and Wine Event
Posted by Sarah Carless on 16 December 2019
On Wednesday 11th December, we held our annual Cheese and Wine event at the club. A great afternoon of bowling was had, and everyone was greeted by a glass of wine. After the bowling, everyone sat down to enjoy cheese and nibbles.
Junior Bowlers
Posted by Sarah Carless on 13 December 2019
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Two of our newer Juniors, Millie Fallon and Thomas Cartmill, receiving their Level One Certificates covering the correct placement of the mat, consistent and smooth delivery of at least three jacks and bowls along the centreline without wobbling or deviation, on both forehand or backhand. Both Juniors have now been promoted to work with other Juniors on the Level Certification programme.
Presentation Evening
Posted by Sarah Carless on 11 December 2019
On Thursday 28th November we had our annual Presentation Evening. What a fabulous evening with lots of awards being handed out. Please check out our Facebook page for all the wonderful photos. Well done to everybody!
Mason Trophy
Posted by Sarah Carless on 09 December 2019
Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club played in the third round of the Masons Trophy on Friday 6th December against Daventry Indoor Bowling Club. Great game had by all with Tamworth winning 52 - 20. Tamworth are now through to the fourth round, which will take place on 17th January 2020. Well done to everyone who took part!
Tamworth v Charnwood
Posted by Sarah Carless on 04 December 2019
On Sunday 1st December 2019, Tamworth took 5 rinks away. A good afternoon was had by all. Tamworth came away with three winning rinks, losing two overall. The win to tamworth was 97-91. Winning rink consisted of M Collins, M Frostic, J Trueman and D Stevenson who won 27-10. Well done to Derek having now skipped six games and coming out on top for five of them.
Notice to all Members
Posted by Sarah Carless on 04 December 2019
With effect from Sunday 29th December, the 6.30 pm Friendly rinks (3 total) will cease being that format and these rinks will be bookable, in accordance with our normal booking system.
Shrewsbury V Tamworth
Posted by Sarah Carless on 27 November 2019
on Saturday 23rd November 2019 we went to Shrewsbury with 6 rinks. We had 1 winning rink. Well done to Maureen Burton, Mick Clarke and Alan Burton who won 17-13.
Tamworth V Church Gresley
Posted by Sarah Carless on 27 November 2019
On Wednesday 20th November 2019, Tamworth went to Church Gresley where a good afternoon was had by all.
Tamworth unfortunately did not win. We lost 4 rinks and drew 1 rink with Wendy Edwards, Mary Bostock and Tony Sippitts. Well done to everyone!
Tamworth Top Club B Team
Posted by Sarah Carless on 18 November 2019
On Sunday 17th November, Tamworth Top Club B Team travelled to Northants. They won with a score of 10 - 6. This has successfully put them through to the third round. This will be played on 15th December 2019 against Huntington or Bromsgrove.
Tamworth v Erdington Court
Posted by Sarah Carless on 18 November 2019
On Sunday 17th November, Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club played against Erdington Court. The game was played over 5 rinks with an overall score of 81 - 74 to Tamworth. Erdington won 3 rinks, and Tamworth won 2. This was a very close game all afternoon. The winning rink for tamworth was 17 - 11, the team was M Collins, A Collins, R Collins and D Stevenson.
Yetton Trophy 3rd Round
Posted by Sarah Carless on 18 November 2019
On Saturday 16 November, Tamworth Ladies played the third round in the Yetton Trophy. Sadly they lost. Well done to all the ladies who took part, this is the furthest we have ever got in this competition. This is something our ladies can build upon.
Friendly Match on 13th November 2019
Posted by Sarah Carless on 18 November 2019
On Wednesday 13th November, Club Captain Gill Ardin and Ladies Vice Captain Jackie Smith put on a friendly afternoon match. The match consisted of four teams on either side. Club Captain Gill came out on top with a win overall of 93 - 32. The winning rink was Diane Ingram, Mary Bostock and Sue Hanley. Gill and Jackie would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part.
Children In Need Day
Posted by Sarah Carless on 11 November 2019
Eileen Wallbank, Gill Ardin and Kerry Weston would like to say a big big thank you to EVERYONE for making Children in Need day such a huge success.

The help from Pauline Sawle, Di Marson, Pudsey Bear aka Norman Ardin, Dan Cross and Alan Weston is so much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions to Raffle/Tombola, and last but not least, Thank you to the Directors of the Board for the donation from "Norms Wonky Bowl" charity bottle and for the use of the Clubs facilities.

A staggering amount has been raised, we have just finished counting the very last four 1 pence pieces, giving us

*** £ 781.38 ***

Yetton Trophy
Posted by Sarah Carless on 04 November 2019
On Saturday 2nd November 2019, Tamworth Ladies played in the Yetton Trophy against Rugby. 2 rinks were played at home and 2 played away. We came away with a win of 80 - 69. Congratulations to the ladies of Tamworth who now go through to the 3rd round of the Yetton Trophy! This will be played at Desborough on 16th November 2019.
Tamworth V Greyfriars
Posted by Sarah Carless on 04 November 2019
On Saturday 2nd November 2019, TIBC played against Greyfriars. The game was played over 18 ends. Tamworth won 4 rinks, drew 1 and lost 1. The overall score was 106-83 to Tamworth. The winning rink consisted of the following players; G Crictor, P Webb, R Collins and D Stevenson. Well done to all who took part!
Erdington V Tamworth
Posted by Sarah Carless on 01 November 2019
On 30th October 2019, Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club travelled to Erdington Court to play.
Unfortunately we lost overall 44 - 78.
Tamworth had 1 winning rink with a score of 18 - 9, consisting of players Chris Felton, Alma Collins, Alan Burton and Sue Hanley. The other 3 rinks were lost.
A great afternoon had by all.
Presentation Night
Posted by Sarah Carless on 30 October 2019
Our Presentation Night is going to be held on Thursday 28th November at 7:30pm.
Awards will be presented for the following:
TIBC Winter Leagues
TIBC Winter Competitions
TIBC Summer Competitions
TOBC Competitions

Please add your name to the list in the foyer if you know you will be attending.
The Egham Trophy
Posted by Sarah Carless on 28 October 2019
On Sunday 27th October 2019 2 teams played at home and 2 teams played away for the Egham Trophy Mixed Club Nationals. Unfortunately over a very tight match, Tamworth lost overall by 4 shots.
Tamworth V Avon Valley
Posted by Sarah Carless on 28 October 2019
A great game was played away at Avon Valley on Saturday 26th October 2019. The game was played over 6 Rinks. Tamworth won overall 120 - 90 shots. There were 5 winning rinks and 1 loss. The tamworth winning rink was Carol Bradley, Pam Ponting, Gill Ardin and Norman Ardin winning 24 - 14.
Wednesday Afternoon Interclub Matches
Posted by Sarah Carless on 25 October 2019
Tamworth Ladies began their Wednesday Afternoon Interclub matches, our first opponents being Carlton Enderby.

A great game had by all, with Final score 55 69. We had 3 loses to 1 win. The players on the winning rink were Hilary Paggett Pauline Nash Dot Sadler Pat Passmore.

The afternoon ended with tea/coffee and biscuits.
Newspaper Articles in Sutton/Lichfield
Posted by Sarah Carless on 23 October 2019
We have a problem with space when it comes to posting in Lichfield and Sutton Newspapers. There is only 1 page dedicated and the local teams send information in too. We do not always get the information in, but we will try our best to get them in.
Note from Chris P
Posted by Sarah Carless on 23 October 2019
News Item Pic
Please see above
Tamworth V Bromsgrove
Posted by Sarah Carless on 23 October 2019
Results for match against Bromsgrove are as follows:
Good afternoon had by all, very close match all the way through which Tamworth managed to win on the last few ends. Final result was 96-77 to Tamworth, who won 3 rinks lost 2 and drew 1. Our best rink was Anne Sippitts, Mike Paggett, Jenny Waight and Tony Sippitts who won 21-5.
Tamworth V Greyfriars
Posted by Sarah Carless on 23 October 2019
Results for the match against Greyfriars was as follows:
We played at home on 5th October, this was our opening match of the season. Five rinks were played Tamworth won 4 lost 1 final score was 82 64. The winning rink for Tamworth was A. Sippitts J. Trueman
B. Lay and T.Sippitts who won 22-12.
Top Club Competition
Posted by Sarah Carless on 23 October 2019
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Top Club competition took place at Kingsthorpe bowls club against City of Ely. A good game for everyone involved from Tamworth, against a very strong opposition, and losing all 5 games.
On the up side Pat Passmore, Stewart Ellis and John Sawle got to play against Greg Arlow and his wife, Kay.
Tamworth V Shrewsbury
Posted by sarah Carless on 23 October 2019
Results for the match at weekend against Shrewsbury was an overall win for Tamworth, score 124-76. The winning rink comprising of Ian Booth, Derrick Stevenson and Joe Morris. There was 5 winning rinks 1 loss. A great afternoon by all followed by a sit down meal.
Yetton Trophy
Posted by Sarah Carless on 21 October 2019
16 ladies from Tamworth IBC played in the Yetton Trophy on Saturday 19th October against Welford on Avon Bowls Club.
We had two away teams (Diane Rogers, Marion Cox, Sue Hanley and Gill Ardin and Chris Felton, Diane Ingram, Kerry Weston and Diane Medhurst) with home playing a strong team from Welford, which included two England players (Kate Millward, Jackie Smith, Jackie Perry and
Chris Belson and Maureen Burton, Anne Sippitts, Barbara Edwards and Pat Passmore)

It was a tough game for both sides but eventually Tamworth ladies managed to pull out the stops and win by 3 shots with two teams winning overall.

The next round is to be played on 2nd November 2019 against opponents Rugby.
Denny Cup
Posted by Sarah Carless on 21 October 2019
Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club Men s team played in the Denny Trophy on 19th October 2019, against Coventry.

The results were - home rinks, S Ellis, M Passmore, A McDonnell, A Bailey won 24-15 - R Walker, J Sawle, A Bradley, C Payne won 33-9.
Away teams - I Parsons, T Whitney, A George, N Ardin won 19-15 - P Mason, D Payne, J Rogers, R Love lost 12-18.
Overall score 88-57.
Congratulations to all our men. The next round will take place on 2nd November
Withdrawn Team
Posted by Sarah Carless on 10 October 2019
Unfortunately Steamers have withdrawn from play on Tuesday at 6:30
Note from Jackie Perry WWIBA Delegate
Posted by Sarah Carless on 30 September 2019
Eleven years ago, I took over the role of County Delegate from Betty Richmond. Goodness knows how many years she was a delegate for, but I do know the Warwickshire Women's County Bowling Association has been running since 1992.

Years ago, Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club fought tooth and nail to join this Association, and it will be a great pity if, by lack of lady members willing to put their names down to play, we shall have to give up our right to play in County Matches. This will entail a loss of revenue for the club as the WWIBA will not organise matches at Tamworth if we cease to be affiliated.

All lady members of Tamworth are eligible to play in County Games. The only criteria is that you have to buy and wear a County Shirt (I have a couple of shirts in stock either to buy or to borrow).

I don't know if you think you are not good enough to compete in the games organised by WWIBA - but you are wrong! The standard is quite good, but not exceptional. I have found that by competing in these competitive matches, my game has greatly improved. (some may disagree with that statement!)

You will play with like-minded ladies from various indoor clubs scattered around the Warwickshire area : Avon Valley, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Coventry, Erdington Court, Rugby Thornfield, Solihull and Welford. After the game we have a meal where we get to mix and make friends with our team members and opponents.

Every month I pin Team Availability Sheets on the WWIBA notice board in the foyer (on the left hand side as you walk in). I hope hope that one day you will spot the sheets and put your name down to play.

I don't make the team selection (as in the case of our Men's County Games) this goes to a WWIBA Selection Committee, who pick ladies from the various clubs who have also entered their names on the availability sheets. Sometimes you get picked and sometimes you don't.
Contact me if you are interested in playing for the WWIBA.

Grand Opening of New Bowling Surface
Posted by Sarah Carless on 30 September 2019
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On Saturday 28th September 2019, a wonderful day was had by all as His Worshipful the Mayor of Tamworth joined us to officially open the brand new bowling surface. The entire wooden floor and underlay were replaced during June this year, with the help of a £40,000.00 grant from Sport England Community Fund. A plaque to commemorate the grant was unveiled by John Rogers (Chair of the Management Committee).
The Mayor was accompanied at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by the Club President Eileen Wallbank. Following the ceremony, a bowling demonstration took place with a limited end match between Gill Ardin (Club Captain) and Bob Love (EALABA Ambassador and Common Wealth Games Bronze Medal Winner).
To finish off the afternoon, entertainment was provided by Go Ukulelecrazy. Everybody enjoyed themselves listening to the band whilst enjoying the buffet provided.
Winter Competitions
Posted by Sarah Carless on 30 September 2019

Entry forms for the following competitions are now available in the clubhouse on the easel to the left of the reception desk by the dining area :-

Under 25’s Singles Competition
Endeavour Singles Competition
Phoenix (Singles)
Ladies Singles
Ladies Pairs
Ladies Triples
Ladies Fours
Men’s Singles
Men’s Pairs
Men’s Triples
Men’s Fours
Mixed Pairs
Mixed Triples
Mixed Fours

The cost is £1.50 per player per competition except for the Endeavour which is free to enter. Everyone is able to enter the Endeavour Competition except for those players who have either :-
? Won it before
? Or won a Winter Singles or the Phoenix competition
A separate entry form is required for each competition entered.
TIBC Indoor/Outdoor Competition 2019
Posted by Sarah Carless on 09 September 2019
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The 22nd successful running of this annual event took place on Sunday 8th September 2019. Twelve teams of four players took part in two games of bowls on the outdoor green, and then two games on the indoor rinks. Everyone taking part had a most enjoyable time with the overall winning team of Chris Payne, Stuart Ellis, Alan Palmer and Sandra Palmer winning all of their games.
New Bowlers
Posted by Sarah Carless on 09 September 2019
To give greater flexibility for new bowlers, Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club have introduced evening new bowler sessions to compliment the Saturday morning session and Sunday Juniors. Tamworths winter indoor season commences on Monday 23rd September. All players new to the indoor sport are offered 3 free coaching sessions. Anyone interested in taking up this fantastic sport should ring Tamworth IBC on 01827 51424 to book your free lessons.
Richmond Trophy Competition 2019
Posted by Sarah Carless on 09 September 2019
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For the second year in succession the Richmond Trophy, a day long competition for new bowlers, was run on a round robin basis, using two groups of fours pairs. At the end of nearly four hours of intense bowls three teams lead the first group, all equal on points and divided by only 3 shots. Group two was lead by two teams only split by 8 shots. Bill Riches partnering Jonny Ashford battled it out in the final against Kevin Webb and Bill’s wife Eileen. After seven ends, one shot divided the two pairs, leading to a very tense finale resulting in Jonny and Bill picking up 2 shots to win the Richmond Trophy. The Trophy was presented by Betty Richmond.

Mixed Triples ... Outdoors
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 August 2019
Good competitive bowling throughout, fine margins make such a difference, no team winning all 3 matches. Congratulations to the winners Jenny, Sam and Joe; even more remarkable that they finished with a negative shots difference.

Draw Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Position

Jenny Waight Match Points 6 0 6
A Sam Roe End Points 5 2 4 4
Joe Morris Total Points 11 2 10 23
Shots Diff +2 -6 +3 -1

Mary Bostock Match Points 0 6 6
B John Coles End Points 1 3 4
Roy Griffiths Total Points 1 9 10 20
Shots Diff -2 +1 +3 +2

Diane Medhurst Match Points 3 6 0
D Peter Kelly End Points 3 4 2 1
Sid Bostock Total Points 6 10 2 18
Shots Diff 0 +6 -3 +3

Mary Harris Match Points 3 0 0
C Bob Allcock End Points 3 3 2 1
Bill Newey Total Points 6 3 2 11
Shots Diff 0 -1 -3 -4