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Golf Umbrella
Posted by Kerry Weston on 07 August 2019
Did you borrow a golfing umbrella last TUESDAY 30th July, from the club to keep dry.

It is red and white with golf "logo's" on it. Please return it to the club, it belongs to Myra Walker and is of great sentimental value to her.

Many many thanks
The Richmond Trophy - New Bowlers Competition
Posted by Kerry Weston on 07 August 2019
News Item Pic

You are invited to enter the above competition to be held on 7th September, 2019

Please see attached, for information.. The original is on the Noticeboard in the entrance hallway at the Club
Winter League 2019 spaces
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 August 2019
Spaces for Winter Leagues 2019 /20 Season.

Mon 2.10pm - 1 space (Triples)
Wed 10am - 3 spaces (Triples)
Wed 6.30pm - 1 spaces (Pairs)
Fri 10am - 1 space (Triples)
Fri 6.30pm - 3 spaces (Fours)
Sun 6pm - 1 spaces (Pairs / Triples)

Mon 10am, Mon 6.30pm, Tues 10am & Tues 6.30pm, Thurs 10am & Thurs 4.25pm
All of the above leagues are FULL....
Alan Install Memorium Day
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 August 2019
Friends and colleagues are invited to Alan Install’s Memorial Day on Friday 30th August at Tamworth Bowls Club. Commencing at 1pm with a Spreading Of The Ashes Ceremony led by Right Rev David Carr OBE, the remainder of the afternoon will be an opportunity to reminisce and celebrate Alan’s contributions to bowls. During the afternoon, both indoor and outdoor greens will be available, dress code is informal for guests to participate in a planned bowling programme.

There is a copy of this notice in the foyer of the Indoor Club together with an attendance sheet where members can signify their preference for bowling indoor and/or outdoor (or neither) for catering purposes and to enable the details of the bowling programme to be drawn up. Alternatively members can liaise with Bob Allcock directly.

See notice board for contact details and also sheet for participation of bowls
BBA Fours Semi Finals
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 August 2019
Tamworth will be hosting these matches on Wednesday 7th August 2019 6pm start.

Visitors are welcome, there will be food after (£4 per head-cottage pie) but I need to know URGENTLY

The matches are

Sherwood Park v Solihull Municipal

Kings Heath v Erdington Court
Mixed Triples ... Outdoors
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 August 2019
Good competitive bowling throughout, fine margins make such a difference, no team winning all 3 matches. Congratulations to the winners Jenny, Sam and Joe; even more remarkable that they finished with a negative shots difference.

Draw Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Position

Jenny Waight Match Points 6 0 6
A Sam Roe End Points 5 2 4 4
Joe Morris Total Points 11 2 10 23
Shots Diff +2 -6 +3 -1

Mary Bostock Match Points 0 6 6
B John Coles End Points 1 3 4
Roy Griffiths Total Points 1 9 10 20
Shots Diff -2 +1 +3 +2

Diane Medhurst Match Points 3 6 0
D Peter Kelly End Points 3 4 2 1
Sid Bostock Total Points 6 10 2 18
Shots Diff 0 +6 -3 +3

Mary Harris Match Points 3 0 0
C Bob Allcock End Points 3 3 2 1
Bill Newey Total Points 6 3 2 11
Shots Diff 0 -1 -3 -4

Aussie Pairs
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 August 2019
We are looking to start an Aussie Pairs league as a trial from 27th August to 10th September.
Further information is available on the noticeboard, together with a sheet for your name, or see Roger Smith.
WOW dates July/August 19
Posted by Kerry Weston on 11 July 2019
WOW dates.... Pls arrive latest 1.30 for team selection, 2.10 start
July 17th
July 24th
July 31st
Aug 7th
Aug 14th

Any queries see Gill Ardin or Jackie Smith
Posted by Kerry Weston on 01 July 2019
Due to unforeseen circumstances the club will remain shut until Saturday 6th July.

We apologise for the inconvenience.
Incorrect league dates
Posted by Kerry Weston on 27 June 2019

It has been noticed, that the Monday 10am, has got the wrong (conflicting) start date. I will be`updating this league asap.

The correct dates, for all leagues are as follows; and, are as per the paper copies provided at the start of the summer season.

Monday 10am - 8th July

Monday 6.30pm - 8th July

Tues 10am - 9th July

Tues 6.30pm - 9th July

Wed 10am - 3rd July - this may have to be played as a catch-up game - if the floor hasn't been completed in time. It will be up to the teams to arrange the game between themselves.

Friday 10am - 12th July

Sunday 6pm - 7th July.

The proposed start date for the winter season is the 23rd Sept 2019.
Incorrect league dates
Posted by Kerry Weston on 27 June 2019

It has been noticed, that the Monday 10am, has got the wrong (conflicting) start date. I will be`updating this league asap.

The correct dates, for all leagues are as follows; and, are as per the paper copies provided at the start of the summer season.

Monday 10am - 8th July

Monday 6.30pm - 8th July

Tues 10am - 9th July

Tues 6.30pm - 9th July

Wed 10am - 3rd July - this may have to be played as a catch-up game - if the floor hasn't been completed in time. It will be up to the teams to arrange the game between themselves.

Friday 10am - 12th July

Sunday 6pm - 7th July.

The proposed start date for the winter season is the 23rd Sept 2019.
Important Floor News
Posted by Kerry Weston on 27 June 2019
Please note
The completion date has been put back to Thursday 4th July.

The Club will be closed until Thursday 4th July
Winter League Spaces
Posted by Kerry Weston on 21 May 2019

Spaces for Winter Leagues 2019 /20 Season.

Mon 2.10pm - 1 space (Triples)
Mon 6.30pm - 1 space (Triples)
Tues 10am - 1 space (Pairs)
Wed 10am - 4 spaces (Triples)
Wed 6.30pm - 2 spaces (Pairs)
Fri 10am - 1 space (Triples)
Fri 6.30pm - 4 spaces (Fours)
Sun 6pm - 2 spaces (Pairs / Triples)

Mon 10am, Tues 6.30pm, Thurs 10am & Thurs 4.25pm All of the above leagues are FULL....
Summer Club Comps Draw Sheets
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 May 2019
Thanks to everyone who attended and took part in the draw on Wednesday 15th May, 2019.

The sheets are now in the club for viewing, or can be downloaded from the website or on facebook.

Thanks to Roger Smith, Competition Secretary for his hard work.
LOCKERS Club Closure
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 May 2019
Due to the closure in June, 2019 for the maintenance work to the bowling surface, should members need their bowls/shoes or anything else from their lockers....


Access to the Club after this date will not be possible.

There will be large amounts of dust in and around The Club. The Club cannot take any responsibility for any items left in lockers.
Dates 2019 for Bingo
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 May 2019
1st June
6th July
10th August
7th September
12th October
2nd November
14th December

All dates are a Saturday - start time will be announced
Indoor/Outdoor Gala Day
Posted by Kerry Weston on 25 April 2019
We are pleased to announce our "Annual Indoor/Outdoor Gala Day" will be held on 8th September, 2019

See the notifications in "Downloads": this includes "Rules & Regulations" together with all general information/Prizes
Ron Wilson
Posted by Kerry Weston on 23 April 2019
Due to outdoor commitments, Ron Wilson is taking a break from stewarding for the summer and will be back 3rd September.
Social/Friendly/Chummy bowling
Posted by Kerry Weston on 23 April 2019

Tuesdays 2.10 pm
Thursdays 2.10 pm

Arrive early to ensure a game

Thursdays 6.30 pm
Fridays 6.30 pm

Sunday 6.00 pm start * PLEASE NOTE NEW START TIME

Everyone is welcome.......
Ladies Required
Posted by Kerry Weston on 23 April 2019
Please see attached
Photo's uploaded
Posted by Kerry Weston on 15 April 2019
Please check the album for uploaded photo's..

PLEASE CONTACT KERRY WESTON @ kezzerweston@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience
Apologies Re photographs
Posted by Kerry Weston on 15 April 2019
Apologies to everyone trying to access photos on website from comp weekend.
File sizes are too large so resizing taking place and will be reposted asap
Posted by Kerry Weston on 14 April 2019
Weekend opening times have changed with effect from today


Open: 09.30 am to 11.30 am
11.30 am to 13.30 pm
14.00 pm to 16.00 pm
16.00 pm to 18.00 pm
18.00 pm to 20.00 pm

Keep Safe in your home
Posted by Kerry Weston on 14 April 2019
We are pleased to announce that
Staffordshire Fire Service together with partners will be attending on
Tuesday 23rd April 2019
to discuss safety in your home
and together with partners (police, health services) are hoping to make this a regular spot

Please use this service, tell friends, family and neighbours
Summer 2019 opening times
Posted by Kerry Weston on 14 April 2019
News Item Pic


Wednesday afternoons is WOW competition...... arrive for 1.30 please
Wilkinson Sword
Posted by Kerry Weston on 17 March 2019
News Item Pic
Congratulations to Roy Walker Dave Payne Norman Ardin and Bob Love on winning the Wilkinson Sword against Birmingham 23 - 12
Chalk Pen Ban
Posted by Kerry Weston on 17 March 2019
News Item Pic
With immediate effect, endorsed by Board of Directors and Management Committee, chalk pens are no longer allowed to be used, spray chalk and "blackboard" chalk ONLY.
The stewards have a supply of chalk to use.
Thank You
Posted by Kerry Weston on 13 February 2019
Norman Ardin, Roger Smith and Alan Weston would like to thank everyone who was at the Club on Sunday night for the support during their triples match.
Still awaiting the date and venue for the Final against Kingsthorpe
Posted by Kerry Weston on 10 February 2019
News Item Pic
Well done to Norman Ardin Roger Smith and Alan Weston for winning Mens Triples Area Semi Final match against a team from Bromsgrove.
Winning 20-14 next match will be against a team from Kingsthorpe at a date and venue to be announced.

Amended Closure
Posted by Kerry Weston on 29 December 2018
The Club will be closed

Sunday 30th from 2.00pm
Monday 31st from 2.00pm
New Years Party is as per tickets
Tuesday 1st January CLOSED

Wednesday open as normal

Board Appointments
Posted by Kerry Weston on 15 December 2018
Brian Burton has now retired from the position as Chair of the Board of Directors.
The Board have pleasure in announcing Annette Parsons as Chair and Stewart Ellis as Vice Chair. We wish them well in their new roles.
The Board
Posted by Kerry Weston on 06 December 2018
Presentation night photo's are now ready to view
England Selection
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 December 2018
Congratulations to Bob Love for being selected for the England Squad
Nottingham cancelled
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 December 2018
The match against Nottingham on Sunday 9th December has been cancelled.
The Bowls App
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 December 2018
The Bowls App is currently not working due to
an unforeseen problem now that the clubs are using the https secure certificates. The app I presume attempts to get its data from http and not https and cannot handle the switch.

This is going to be difficult and it will take me a while so apologies. I’ll try to rectify as soon as I can.
Presentation Night PART 3
Posted by Kerry Weston on 01 December 2018
Introduction to The Ken Richmond Trophy by John Rogers
I am very disappointed not be be here this evening but things have conspired against me. Tonight, trophies are being presented to new bowlers for the first time in the Club's history. We have to thank Ken Richmond, aided by Ray Smith, for the introduction of coaching into the Club nearly 10 years ago, despite resistance from many senior Club members. Ken's hard work brought a team of coaches together whose prime objective was to introduce anyone from the age of 7 to the art of this fabulous sport of Indoor Bowls. Each of the coaches is trained by Senior National Coaches and I wish to thank all our current coaching team for their help and support.
After I took over from the late Ken Richmond, we held a new bowlers development day. At the end of the day we asked what they wanted and, unanimously they all requested another development day, a new bowlers league and a new bowlers competition. We have met with all of those requests, and tonight we are presenting trophies for the winners and runners up of the inaugural Open Pairs Competition 2018. These new bowlers are truly a part of our Club and our future.
We thought it a fitting tribute to the person who started the coaching in our Club to have the trophy named after him, so we approached his wife, Betty. Betty and her family agreed to our request so can we please ask Betty to come forward and present The Richmond Trophy......

Sadly Betty was unable to attend however Brian Burton, Club Chairman presented the trophy.

Ken Richmond Trophy
Winner - Kevin Webb/Ray Burton
Runners Up - Ruth Rylan-Beardsal/Keith Gorman

Summer Competition Winners 2018
Ladies Singles
Winner - Gill Ardin Runner Up - Anne Sippitts
Mens Singles
Winner - Roger Smith Runner Up - Norman Ardin
Open Pairs
Winners - Roger Smith/Ken Orme Runners Up - Alan Weston/Kerry Weston
Open Triples
Winners - Roger Smith/Alan Weston/Ken Orme Runners Up - Roy Walker/Dave Pa
Presentation Night PART 2
Posted by Kerry Weston on 01 December 2018
Monday 10am Over 55's Triples
Winners - Loose End (Roger Smith, Dave Clay, Ken Orme, Roy Walker)
Runners Up - Jaguar (The late Brian Seaton, Mike Yates, Dave Payne, Frank Arnold, Bob Love)
Monday 6.30pm Open Triples
Winners - Tardis (Dave Payne, Frank Arnold, Bob Love, Tom Whitney, Roy Walker)
Runners Up - Fourballs (John Sawle, John Biggs, Keith Gorman, Pauline Sawle, John Tudor)
Tuesday 10am Open Pairs
Winners - Bowling Stones (Gill Ardin, Norman Ardin, David Hinks)
Runners Up - with a better shot difference than Jaguar
Oatcakes (Alan Weston, Kerry Weston, Ray Burton, Dave Allen, Roger Smith)
Tuesday 6.30pm - Ladies v Gents
Winners - Oatcakes (Alan Weston, Roger Smith, Ken Orme, Jeff Knott)
Runners Up - LPG (Alan George, Ian Parsons, Dave Clay, Malcolm Machin, Bob Lay)
Wednesday 10am Open Triples
Winners - Clean Lines (Bob Love, Dave Payne, Dave Smith,Ken Orme, Tim Love, Roy Walker)
Runners Up - Oatcakes (Alan Weston, Roger Smith, Dave Clay)
Friday 10am Open Triples
Winners - LPG (Alan George, Ian Parsons, Bob Love, Annette Parsons, Mike Yates, Roger Collins)
Runners Up - ATM (Tony Sippitts, Anne Sippitts, Roy Walker, Joe Trueman, Malcom Machin)

Mens Singles Winner Neil Southall Runner Up Bob Love
Mens Plate Winner Chris Payne Runner Up Norman Ardin
Phoenix Winner Andy Bailey Runner Up Adrian McDonnell
Endeavour Winner Neil Southall Runner Up Roger Smith
Ladies Singles Winner Julie Smith Runner Up Gill Ardin
Mens Pairs Winners Paul Mason/Andy Bailey Runners Up Stewart Ellis/John Rogers
Ladies Pairs Winners Julie Smith/Pat Passmore Runners Up Susan Hanley/Diane Ingram
Mixed Pairs Winners Julie Smith/Steve Smith Runners Up Diane Rogers/John Rogers
Mens Triples Winners Steve Smith/Adrian McDonnell/Andy Bailey
Runners Up Stuart Ellis, Mick Whittlestone, John Rogers
Ladies Triples Winners Lorraine Kite
Presentation Night PART 1
Posted by Kerry Weston on 01 December 2018
WINTER 2017/2018

Monday 10am Over 55's Triples
Winners - Jaguars (Late Brian Seaton, Mike Yates, Frank Arnold, Dave Payne)
Runners Up - Gang (Norman Ardin, Gill Ardin, Eileen Wallbank and Roger Smith)
Monday 2.10pm Open Triples
Winners - Liverpool (John Campbell, Neil Southall, Josh Goodfellow, Vic Gray)
Runners Up - PLM's Malcolm Machin, Pat Passmore, Mike Passmore, Tony Sippits, Steve Rollins
Monday 6.30pm Open Triples
Winners - Gardeners (Jean Webb, Paul Mason, Andy Bailey, Frank Spencer Baz Sharp)
Runners Up - Family Affair (Mick McDonnell, Adrian McDonnell, Kevin Owen, Chris Payne)
Tuesday 10am Open Pairs
Winners - Bowling Stones (Norman Ardin, Gill Ardin, David Hinks)
Runners Up - Oatcakes (Alan Weston, Ray Burton, Dave Allen, Roger Smith, Kerry Weston)
Tuesday 6.30pm Triples Ladies v Gents
Winners - The Nuns (Steve Smith, Ian Harrison, Paul Mason)
Runners Up - Family Affair (Mick McDonnell, Adrian McDonnell, Kevin Owen, Chris Payne)
Wednesday 10am Open Triples
Winners - Oatcakes (Alan Weston, Roger Smith, Norman Ardin, Gill Ardin, Ray Burton, Kerry Weston)
Runners Up - Clean Lines (Dave Payne, Dave Smith, Ken Orme, Bob Love, Tim Love)
Wednesday 6.30pm Open Pairs
Winners - Gardeners (Andy Bailey, Paul Mason)
Runners Up - The Nuns (Steve Smith, Julie Smith, Ian Harrison)
Thursday 10am Triples
Winners - Almeras (Gill Ardin, Norman Ardin, Geoff Collins, Roger Smith)
Runners Up - ATM's (Malcolm Machin, Anne Sippitts, Tony Sippits, Joe Trueman, Roy Walker)
Thursday 4.25 pm Open Pairs
Winners - Buzzcocks WINNING ALL 24 GAMES (Vic Gray, Chris Payne)
Runners Up - Almeras (Norman Ardin, Gill Ardin)
Friday 10am Open Triples
Winners - Bowling Stones (Alan Burton, John Boulstridge, Maureen Burton, David Hinks, Dave Payne)
Runners Up - Villagers (Ken Davis, Joan Allton, Arthur Powell, Eileen Wallbank, Alan Webb)
Friday 6.30pm Open Fours
Club closure
Posted by Kerry Weston on 28 November 2018
News Item Pic
See attached picture
Club closure
Posted by Kerry Weston on 28 November 2018
See attached photo for details
Jack Parker
Posted by Kerry Weston on 28 November 2018
It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Jack Parker.
His funeral will be on 12th Dec 2.00pm at Sutton Crematorium.
Afterwards is at Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club.

Much loved and respected member.
Top Club
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 November 2018
Players from Tamworth consisting
Ladies Singles - Chris Felton, Mens Singles - Roger Smith, Mixed Pairs - Norman and Gill Ardin, Triples - Ian Parsons, Marion Cox and Adrian McDonnell, Mixed Fours - Bob Gleeson, Kerry Weston, Yvonne Booker and Alan Weston

saw a win in The Top Club Competition, of 16 points to 0, against Erdington Court on 18th November, 2018 at home.

Roger made short work of his opposition, Chris tussled with her game but came through strong. Norman and Gill, battled at first, but sheer determination and good bowling saw them get the better of a strong pairs opposition. The Triple team, played a well matched game and finally saw off the competition. The Fours team, taking during the game 5 shots and 7 shots, were the stronger team and had a convincing win.

Well played and congratulations everyone

Umpire of the match was John Barr, who had very little measuring to do during the match

Tamworth wait to find out who their opponents are between Welford/Bromsgrove or Rugby.
Denny - Next Round
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 November 2018
16 of our men played in The Denny, with 8 away and 8 at home.

A good win against Northants 78 - 74

Next round to be played 8th December against Kingsthorpe.

Congratulations and well played
Ladies Captain v Vice Captain
Posted by Kerry Weston on 17 November 2018
News Item Pic
Lady Captain verses Lady Vice Captain was played at Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club wednesday 14 November it was very well attended as you see from the picture Gill Ardin Lady Captain thanked Jackie Smith Lady Vice Captain for all the help that she gives her and a very big thank you to all those who took part. It finished in a winning result for the Lady Captain of 75 to 61. Winning side with the highest score of 16- 7 was Dot Sadler Linda Jones and Sue Hanley. The afternoon was ended with tea and biscuits.
Keep Achieving Project 1st December 18
Posted by Kerry Weston on 14 November 2018
News Item Pic
We have been asked by Midlands Psychology if it would be possible to keep the number of people attending the Club on 1st December 2018 during the time of their session, to a bare minimum. Whilst the club will NOT be closed to members wishing to bowl before/and after this session, we would appreciate if respect and understanding for these children, with Autism, and their families could be shown for the time they will be using our Facilities. Daisy's Delights will be available for usual meals - and the bar will be open (awaiting confirmation) for a period of time during this session.

The paragraph below gives a very brief outline of what Autism is, and how it can affect some, but not all Children.

Autism is the name for a range of conditions that affect a person's social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. Children have problems using non-verbal behaviours to interact with others – for example, they have difficulty with eye contact, facial expressions, body language and gestures. They may give no or brief eye contact and ignore familiar or unfamiliar people.
Children with ASD can find it hard to understand other people's emotions and feelings, and have difficulty starting conversations or taking part in them properly. Language development may be delayed, and a child with ASD won’t compensate their lack of language or delayed language skills by using gestures (body language) or facial expressions.
Loud and unexpected noise can cause upset to a child with Autism, so we are endeavouring to keep noise levels to a minimum, and create an environment for everyone to enjoy the session.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter
Think Pink
Posted by Kerry Weston on 08 November 2018

Hi kerry,

Thank you so much for your kind donation of £265 to wear it pink.

Your reference number is GKOBYR3WAJI

Too many of us have been affected by breast cancer, but together we can do something about it. By donating £265 you're helping to fund vital research that will stop this disease in its tracks.

Our researchers simply couldn’t continue their life-saving work without you.

On behalf of Breast Cancer Now, thank you so much for everything you do for us.

Best wishes,
Lottie, Summer and Megan
Your wear it pink team
Breast Cancer Now
Ladies Competition Entries
Posted by Kerry Weston on 08 November 2018
News Item Pic
Ladies, we need more entries for the Winter Competitions. Singles/ Pairs? Triples/ Fours

Thank you to everyone, so far, who has entered but we could do with more.
See Terry Harris or find Entry Forms on the large free standing noticeboard to your right when you come into the Club.
Keep Achieving Project
Posted by Kerry Weston on 02 November 2018
News Item Pic
In association with Midlands Psychology funded through a grant from Sports England, we are pleased to announce TIBC have been chosen as a venue for "The Keep Achieving" project.

The event will be held on 1st December starting at 11.30 through til 13.30 and is a project to help families in South Staffordshire with children who have varying degrees of Autism, to exercise with minimal exertion.

This is, we feel, an exciting opportunity and wish everyone involved an enjoyable session.
Items for sale
Posted by Kerry Weston on 29 October 2018
There are numerous items for sale - all advertised on the noticeboard.
If you are looking for new bowls, check the noticeboard first as some nearly new bowls are for sale.
Short Mat Taster
Posted by Kerry Weston on 29 October 2018
Cancelled Match
Posted by Kerry Weston on 27 October 2018
Bromsgrove match at home on the 7th of November has been cancelled by Bromsgrove so instead we will be running a WOW.
Bowlswear Direct
Posted by Kerry Weston on 20 October 2018
Monday 19th November

10.30 to 16.30

Road Show
Pauline Burton
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 October 2018
News Item Pic
Brian Burton has said that Pauline is now back at home, following her spell in hospital.

Wishing Pauline all the best
Rolls available
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 October 2018
News Item Pic
Daisy's Delights will be supplying baps for the evening sessions at £2.00 each
There will be limited numbers and sold on a first come first served basis.
Rolls have a variety of fillings e.g. cheese, cheese and onion, ham etc but if you have a particular requirement please ring the club 01827 51702 (before 14.00) or mobile 07724895900 to arrange with Lyn and/or Penny.

If you require something more than a BAP/SANDWICH ......
please ring and speak with Lyn/and or Penny to discuss (mobile number above).
Think Pink
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 October 2018
News Item Pic
Today saw the hard work of our Lady Captain Gill Ardin, Pauline Sawle and Welfare Officer, Kerry Weston come to fruition with our Think Pink charity day, run in conjunction with the WOW competition.

With bunting and balloons decorating the bar area, we asked our members playing in The WOW to join us to raise funds for the Think Pink charity day. Members wore something pink, from breast cancer ribbons, hats and wigs, t shirts to full fancy dress. Refreshments and cakes were served by Pauline Sawle in her spectacular pink wig. Gill Ardin, in her super duper onsie organised the teams and players for the WOW competition. John Sawle in his eye catching pink striped t shirt helped in setting up the tables for the cakes and biscuits. Norman Ardin, wearing a pink onsie sat eyeing up the cakes, eenie meenie minie mo. Alan Weston, with his pink wig, managed a couple of photos of us all prior to the start of the match and Kerry, in a fuschia pink witches outfit, took the donations.

Thanks go to Stone Bowling club for joining in and donating to the Breast Cancer awareness day, at such short notice.
Pauline Burton
Posted by kerry weston on 14 October 2018
Wishing Pauline Burton get well wishes and speedy recovery.

Pauline is currently in hospital undergoing tests. Please respect family privacy, updates, as and when we get more.
Posted by Kerry Weston on 11 October 2018
Changes have been made to the Air Handling Unit to improve the air flow & temperature within the Club to improve the comfort for members.

We trust that this improvement may dispel many of the problems that some of you have felt in the past.

Any major problems let me know.

Malcolm Machin
Club Manager
Think Pink
Posted by kerry weston on 04 October 2018
Following the successful Coffee morning, which raised £500.73, Tamworth Ladies Team Re pleased to announce we are partaking in 'THINK PINK" to be held on conjunction with the WOW on 17th October.
All we ask, please wear an item of PINK clothing, drop a donation in the box.
That's it.
We will also have coffee, cake, pink lemonade maybe a pink gin or two....
Thank you in advance for your help and generosity.
Think Pink is all in aid of Breast Cancer..
EALABA weekend
Posted by Kerry Weston on 24 September 2018
Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club hosted the 11th EALABA National Singles Championships. Welcoming 5 new EALABA members and playing to a packed Club house, 18 bowlers contested the competition in a 3 group round robin basis. The winners of each group – Dylan Morton, Steve Ireland and Gary Swift automatically took one of the semi final places and joined by John Rogers as best runner up. The first semi-final between Steve and Gary was a nip and tuck affair before Steve edged away to a 13-7 win. Dylan who had beaten John in the group stage was after further success but, John wanted revenge and took the second semi 19-3. The Final was very tight with neither bowler giving an inch, demonstrated by 13 shots over 11 ends. John Rogers finally taking the Championship by 9-4. Many thanks to the Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club, the management, their markers and helpers, Daisy Delights Catering (great breakfasts & roast dinners) and all the spectators, helpers and everyone else involved.

Christmas Meal
Posted by Kerry Weston on 22 September 2018
News Item Pic
Gill and Norman's Christmas meal

Please enter you name and meal choice onto list currently up on the noticeboard

Limited spaces
Subscription Due
Posted by Kerry Weston on 21 September 2018

Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club

9.30 –12.30 13.00—16.00 17.00—20.00


Malcolm Machin Club Manager
Annette Parsons Club Director
Club closures
Posted by Kerry Weston on 20 September 2018
The club will be closed for bowling on the 18th Oct between the hours of 12 noon and 4pm due to a carpet stretch all members that will be affected have been informed by the club Manager

Also on Saturday 10th November the club will be shut completely for the outer rink carpet to be changed
Top Six for Ladies
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 September 2018
We are pleased to announce that Tamworth Ladies have been entered into this competition.

Further details will be forthcoming.... Keep your eyes on notice board, website and facebook.

Contact will be Jackie Perry in the first instance.
Indoor/Outdoor Competition
Posted by Kerry Weston on 15 September 2018
News Item Pic
The annual Indoor/Outdoor competition took place on Sunday 9th September, 2018. A popular event for everyone playing, with this being the 21st year.
The winning team this year was Joe Morris, Roy Pingram, Diane Medhurst and Sam Rowe. Congratulations and well played to you all.
Runners up were Michael Jenkins, Narissa Jenkins, Chris Felton and Roy Jeffrey. Third place went to Ron Wilson, Peter Oxford, Kate Millward and Keith Millward followed in fourth place Terry Harris, Mary Harris, Jenny Waight and Maureen Brown.

With thanks to South Staffs Coach Hire for sponsoring the event this year.

As our website will only allow one photo per item please check "gallery" for group photograph.
Posted by Kerry Weston on 14 September 2018
Please could all members whose name is down for the forthcoming National Competitions, try to make the practice session SATURDAY 15th September 11.30 to 15.00

Catering will be provided and rink fees are reduced for tomorrow only...
Internet Access
Posted by Kerry Weston on 06 September 2018
'With immediate effect the password for Club Guest Internet access has changed.

Please see Steward on Duty/Manager or a Club Official for the password"
Daisy's Delights Winter Opening Times
Posted by Kerry Weston on 04 September 2018
Please note the LAST food orders will be taken 30 minutes before finishing times


Tuesday 9.30 am to 3.00 pm
Wednesday 9.30 am to 3.00 pm
Thursday 9.30 am to 3.00 pm

Friday 9.30 am to 3.00 pm
With effect from Friday 28th September
6.30 pm to 9.00 pm (last orders 8.30)

Saturday 9.30 am to 3.00 p.m.

Sunday 9.30 am to 3.00 p.m.
Practice Day: Ladies & Gents
Posted by Kerry Weston on 03 September 2018
Please note a practice day has been arranged for Saturday 15th September 2018 11.30 am until 3.30 pm This is to get all players selected to play, or are reserves, for the following Competitions Yetton Trophy Egham Trophy Denny Cup Top Club A & B Over 60's Inter Club Double Rink Mason Trophy Please try your best to attend as we are hoping to get further in these competitions than in previous years. We are trying to get catering facilities in place for this day. We look forward to seeing you all The Selection Committee
Posted by Kerry Weston on 02 August 2018
Daisy's Delights are new caterers with effect
1st September 2018

Welcome to the club, looking forward to Bacon Sarnies and decent coffee
New bowlers league
Posted by Kerry Weston on 29 July 2018
We are pleased to announce that a new bowlers league will commence on Friday 17th August at 6.30-8.30pm running through to Friday 15th September. 20 bowlers have signed up so far. The league will consist of 5 teams of 4 bowlers playing triples, the format will be identical to our main leagues. Coaches will be available each night to assist the bowlers. Should the league be a success we shall introduce a Winter season new bowlers league.

Following on the from the commencement of the league there is a New Bowlers Competition Day on Saturday 8th September, an all day round robin tournament in groups leading to the finals. Winner and Runners up will receive trophies. 19 bowlers are participating at present.

Spaces are still available for League and Competition. If you are interested please contact John Rogers by email johnrogers-bowler@virginmedia.com
England v Croatia Match
Posted by Kerry Weston on 11 July 2018
Football Fever. Club open tonight 6.30
Come watch THE MATCH Rolls, various fillings & Chips. BAR OPEN
Coaching Day
Posted by Kerry Weston on 22 May 2018
18 'new' bowlers attended a coaching session on Sunday 20th May. Following a group photo, the bowlers were set into four groups and Club coaches demonstrated and described the roles of team positions. After the 1st session Phantom 4 was demonstrated, this is played by a coach who positions his 4 bowls in the head whilst four bowlers deliver their bowls 2 bowls on full length to try and win the game. At each delivery the bowlers are asked what bowl they will play and why. Next all coaches demonstrated Freezing the head, a activity where players (split into 2 teams) deliver their bowls into a predetermined head with a view to winning a match. Prior to each bowl being played every one discusses the options available and why they would play that shot. The concept is simple and it makes bowlers realise that a head changes after each bowl has been delivered and that the team must think about every possible option before they play their bowl. Gill Ardin, Eileen Wallbank and Diane Rogers prepared and cold buffet lunch. This was followed by 3 triples matches. In order to give each bowler a chance to play in different positions, lead, 2 and skip, they rotated positions after 4 ends. The coaches worked with each team to guide them shot by shot and following bowls etiquette . The Club MANAGER kindly donated a bottle of wine to each winner.
Coaching Team
Posted by Kerry Weston on 15 May 2018
Following the sad passing of Ken Richmond, John Rogers is now TIBC Head of Coaching.
The team of coaches has had a change with three new coaches joining, Arthur, Terry and Jenny. Two coaches have moved to pastures new.... we wish both Alan and Felicity all the best.

The Coaching team are available for ALL members and newcomers to the great game of bowls, please check to see when coaching sessions are held or approach your choice of coach directly.
New Coach of the Year
Posted by Kerry Weston on 29 April 2018
Big Congratulations to Colin Wood
Voted New Coach of the Year in Leamington.

Colin kept quiet about this but eagle eyed member spotted article in International Bowls Magazine.

Well done from everyone at Tamworth Indoor/Outdoor Bowls Club
Congratulations to Markers
Posted by Kerry Weston on 09 April 2018
Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club are pleased to announce that both Ian Parsons and Alan George have received their Certificate of Competency as markers and are both ow progressing onto becoming Umpires.

The Club wish them both the very best of success
Catch Up Matches
Posted by Kerry Weston on 21 March 2018
Teams who still have catch up matches to play

Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 March 2018
Malcolm has made the decision to open the Club from 10.30
Posted by Kerry Weston on 18 March 2018
Please note club closed TODAY
Thank You
Potter's 2018
Posted by Kerry Weston on 16 March 2018
59 members of Tamworth IBC descended on Potter's for their annual trip, a 4 day break including bowls tournament, great food and fabulous entertainment, All braving to snow to meet with 115 other teams from all around the country to battle it out at Great Yarmouth (Hopton-on-sea)
After being drawn into 12 leagues on a 'round robin' format the teams played four games to try and qualify for the last 16 places. After the four games Tamworth best results were in Eileen Wallbank, Richard Butler, Sid and Mary Bostock with 8 points (GD +32),next was David and Judy Turner, Tony & Ann Sippitts with 8pts (GD +9), then David & Eileen Latham, Christine Felton and Tony Lem with 7pts (GD +49) and securing sixteenth placewith the four best losers were Roy Walker, Marion Cox, Colin Wood and John Sawle with 6 pts (GD +19)
After the last 16, two teams were left, the teams of Sid Bostock And John Sawle and they were then drawn together in the 1/4 finals, which guaranteed one team in the semi-finals Sid Bostock's team after starting very well just failed by two points and the semi-final although the result was 11-2 to Tamworth it was a hard fought match.
09.20 on Friday saw the final between Tamworth and Whitstone, which saw Tamworth victorious, winning by one point 7-6, Tamworth Champions are Roy Walker, Marion Cox, Colin Wood and John Sawle who received Cups, goodie bags, together with an invite to the Champion of Champions event in December leaving us plenty of time to save up the money to go. Also at the presentation a special reward went to the team of Rhonda and Peter Oxford with Dinah and John Boulstridge who had hot-shots for the second consecutive year.
Congratulations to everyone who played and the spectators whose encouragement from the side line helped all the teams thought the week. Roll on next year. If you want to go, see John Sawle (Organiser).
Congratulations to Bob Love
Posted by Kerry Weston on 01 March 2018
Disability Bowls England
Official Press Release

England Captain BOB LOVE appointed as the first AMBASSADOR for Disability Bowls England

England Captain BOB LOVE appointed as the first AMBASSADOR for Disability Bowls England
Bob Love is one of the top para bowls players in the world. He won medals at the Paralympics, World Bowls Championships, a prestigious bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and is a regular member and Captain of the Disability Bowls England International Squad.
As well as winning various para bowls competitions, Bob is a fitting example of how inclusive the sport of bowls is having qualified to compete in the 2017 English Indoor National Championship finals.
We asked Bob:-
How did you get into sports and what have you achieved:
was a founder member of a multi-sports club for people with disabilities and one of the sports we did was short mat bowls. The club used to compete against other similar clubs both regionally and nationally, some of the clubs had long mat bowls as one of their activities. This would have been in the early 80’s.
After finishing with athletics (track) and swimming, at regional, national and inter-national level, I took up the game of bowls more seriously. It was a sport I could do at a level that was more than “have a go”. In all the sports I have tried it has always been at a competitive level otherwise, for me, it isn’t worth pursuing.
I won medals at all levels including Paralympic. In bowls I have gained medals at all levels including World and Commonwealth Games. I have been lucky in that the sports I have been involved in I have been successful.
What are your views on the sport and how it can particularly help those with a disability:
The game of bowls is one of the few sports that can be played anyone. It is also one of the few sports that can and is being played with non-disabled bowlers. Inclusion is the big word these days and bowls definitely achieves this. It’s a Sport for All.
Not only do you get to play a great sport, but you
Ruby Parker Trophy
Posted by Kerry Weston on 24 February 2018
The above competition took place at Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club on the 21st of February and was played over five rinks.This is a annual competition that has been running for the last eleven years.Th trophy was presented by Jack Parker the husband of the late Ruby Parker. The winning rink was E.Wallbank,J.Perry and S.Hanley.The end of the competition was followed by tea and refreshments.
Erdington Court
Posted by Kerry Weston on 20 February 2018
The above match was played at Tamworth on the 14th FEB over four rinks and although Tamworth lost on three of them in stil resulted in a very close victory for Tamworth by 6 shots the overall score being 65-59. Tamworth winning rink was M.Burton,S.Sharp, B.Edwards and J.Smith who won by the very good score of 28-9.thus giving Tamworth their very close victory.
Tamworth Herald Trophy Match
Posted by Kerry Weston on 09 February 2018
News Item Pic
This annual event took place on Wednesday 7th February, 2018, at Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club over 2 rinks. The match was a hard fought contest which Tamworth managed to win by 1 shot on the very last end. The Photo shows the Lady Club Captain Gillian Ardin accepting the Trophy alongside the Tamworth Ladies team.

The teams consisted of Maureen Burton, Barbara Edwards, Mary Bostock and Narissa Jenkins together with Eileen Wallbank, Jackie Smith,Sue Hanley and Kerry Weston. Reserve Player: Gill Ardin
Warwickshire Ladies
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 February 2018
on Wednesday 3rd of January 2018 Tamworth Ladies played against a strong Warwickshire Ladies side in what is hoped will become a annual fixture.The Warwickshire side won the overall match by a score of 82 to 70 this was a good result from Tamworths point of view as these ladies are considered to be the best in the County.The best winning rink for Warwickshire was C.Smith, E.Merrick, M.Kinder and C.Rathbone with a score of 25-13 the Tamworth ladies best winning rink consisted of. E.Wallbank, M.Cox,G.Ardin and Y.Booker with a score of 24-15.Both teams captains said that a most enjoyable day had been had by all the players and looked forward to repeating experience next year. Following the match 58 people sat down to a 2 course meal from Tamworths new caterers.The overall afternoon was regarded by all as a great success.
Disability Bowlers
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 February 2018
DBE Classified Singles Report – 2018
Posted on 24th January 2018 by John Rogers
DBE Classified Singles Report – 2018
Despite the countrywide snow and ice, it did not deter 18 of the 20 bowlers who entered travelling from all over the country to play in the DBE National Classified Singles Championship.

Players were separated into 2 groups of 5 and 2 of 4 to play in a round robin format. The winners of each group went forward to the semi-finals. The groups were as follows:-

Mike Robertson: Ray Kirk: Kevin Page: Mac Otton: Jonathan Stokes

Barry Jones: Dave Wood: Gary Swift: Paul Hawkes: Kieran Rollings

Irene Cheer: Alex Comack: Bob Love: Steve Ireland

John Rogers: Phil Dutton: Alan Lyne: Steve Bigg

Gary Swift & Barry Jones
The group matches were hotly contested resulting in Mike Robertson, Gary Swift, Bob Love (only by 1 shot) and John Rogers progressing to the next round.

The first semi final was between Gary Swift and Bob Love. Bob hit good form dominating from the first end and ran out 21-3 winner.

The second semi between Mike Robertson and John Rogers was a closer affair. John took a slender lead before Mike closed the gap to 2 points. John eventually won 21-14.

The final saw Bob continue his good form powering to a 21-12 win over John.

Bob Love – DBE National Classified Singles Champion 2018

Classified Singles Finalists 2018
The whole weekend presented an excellent display of bowling, well organised by Margaret Smith and her team of helpers from Gedling IBC.

Many thanks go to Margaret, all the helpers, families and supporters for making this an excellent tournament.
Ladies @ Carlton Enderby
Posted by Kerry Weston on 05 February 2018
The match against the above took place on January 31st at Carlton and was over 4 rinks.Sorry to say Tamworth did not manage to win a rink.
The overall score was 92-50 and the best effort by Tamworth was the following two rinks who both lost by just 7 shots. Rink 1 was M.Burton,K.Millward,
M.Bostock and K.Weston Rink 2 was A.Sippitts,L.Jones,B.Edwards and C.Felton. The atmosphere around the game was very good an all players enjoyed the day.
Emergency Services
Posted by Kerry Weston on 17 January 2018
News Item Pic
Do you know .... Serving Emergency personnel (Police/Fire Ambulance etc) are more than welcome to call into the Club, to use toilet facilities and if time allows, a free cuppa ..... If you know of someone.... Please let them know
Away to Bromsgrove - Ladies
Posted by Kerry Weston on 08 December 2017
News Item Pic
The match against Bromsgrove was a real up and down affair held over 6 rinks the match went one way then the other and when the smoke cleared Tamworth had just manage to fall over the winning line by 1 shot.The statistic make interesting reading in the fact that Tamworth had 5 winning rinks but it still came down to the very last end of the last rink playing .The best rink for Tamworth was M.Burton,B.Edwards,B.Gleeson and J.Boulstridge
Ladies Away to Church Gresley
Posted by Kerry Weston on 25 November 2017
Played on the 22nd November, this match was a resounding win for Church Gresley with a final score : Church Gresley 123 against Tamworth 59. Tamworth's best effort came from D Boulstridge, J Smith, B Fairfield and A Fairfield who ground out a winning score of 18-13. Although, not the result Tamworth Ldies wanted, it was an enjoyable afternoon played in a friendly atmosphere. We look forward to the rematch
Presentation Night 2017
Posted by Kerry Weston on 25 November 2017
Our Annual Presentation Night was held on 23/11/2017: Well attended by the members of the club, with Club Manager Malcolm Machin as "Master of Ceremony" prizes sorted by Mike Passmore and Andy Bailey. Both the Indoor and Outdoor members were presented with their trophies/runners-up prizes, just a shame Terry Harris was unable to be there but a job done well by Bob Allcock. Congratulations and Well done to all players/teams on your achievement. ALL PHOTO'S ARE IN THE PICTURE GALLERY FOR THIS EVENT
Denny Cup Competition
Posted by Kerry Weston on 19 November 2017
News Item Pic
Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club competed against Barwell IBC, the match favourites, in the third round of the National Denny Cup competition. Played on four rinks, two at home and two away, over 21 ends, this was a titanic battle. Barwell took an early lead but after 15 ends, Tamworth edged aheada 50 -47. With the momentum in Tamworths favour, they dominated the last six ends, eventually winning two of the four rinks, losing one and drawing the fourth, when Barwell conceded the twentieth end. The winning rink went to home team: Mick McDonnell, John Rogers, Adrian McDonnell and skip Andy Bailey with a score of 26 - 9. This win takes Tamworth IBC intot he Regional Quarter Finals for the first time in the history of the Club. Next opponents are Nottingham IBC to be played on the 9th December, again two home teams, two away teams and start time of 10.00 a.m. Spectators are more than welcome - come and show your support for the players from the Club.
Warwickshire Match
Posted by Kerry Weston on 19 November 2017
On Thursday 17th November, a team from Tamworth Indoor Bowling Club, Roy Walker, John Rogers, John Sawle and Malcolm Machin, travelled to Melton Mowbray IBC, to represent Warwickshire in their County Match against Leicestershire. The Tamworth quartet took the lead from the beginning and continually increased their lead to a final winning score of 25 - 14, helping Warwickshire to win 3 out of the 5 rinks and a match victory of 100 - 80.
EALABA National Drawn Pairs Championship 2017
Posted by Kerry Weston on 17 November 2017
EALABA members came together at Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club for theNational Drawn Pairs Championships recently. Teams were drawn into two groups playing a round robin basis, each player using four bowls with matches over 90 minutes. Finals were contested between the lead team in each group, then the second, third and so on. Final places: 6th place - Mac Otton and Colin Wagstaff; 5th place - Neil Smith and John Rogers; 4th place - Jonathan Hartland and David Fisher; 3rd place Bob Love and Dennis Bridge. Internationals Gary Swift and Barry Jones contended the Championship against fellow International Irene Cheer with Diane Rogers. Gary and Barry took a commanding lead of 8-0 before Irene and Diane got on the board, then pegging back the more experienced pair to 8-8 before going on to a nail biting last end. The lead changed with each bowl and end, finally Irene and Diane took command and won by two clear shots to an incredible 10-8 win.
Annual Ladies Captain v Vice Captain Match
Posted by Kerry Weston on 17 November 2017
News Item Pic
The response to this annual event was very very good and much appreciated by Gill Ardin (Captain) and Jackie Smith (Vice Captain). The match was held on Wednesday 15th November 2017. A great win for the Ladies Captain Team by the score of 79 - 41. As always the match was played in the most friendly atmosphere and it is hoped that everybody enjoyed the afternoon. The Best Rink for The Ladies Captain Team was Mike Jenkins (Lead) Bob Gleeson (Second) and Kerry Weston as Skip. The Best Team for the Vice Captain Team was Norman Ardin(Lead) Roy Henfry (Second) and Jackie Perry (Skip) Thank you to all of those who took part and we hope to see you at most of the other matches (PLEASE) Gill and Jackie
Summer Men's Triples Final
Posted by Kerry Weston on 19 October 2017
News Item Pic
N Ardin, A Weston and R Smith against M McDonnell, A Bailey and C Payne. Both teams played well, a tight game over 16 ends With Norman, Alan and Roger winning 16 to 13. Commiserations to Mick, Andy and Chris
Yetton Competition
Posted by Kerry Weston on 19 October 2017
Coventry have conceded the match due to be played on 21/10/17 Details of the next round to follow shortly.
3rd March 2018
Posted by Kerry Weston on 07 October 2017
EALABA vs Gedling I CAN Starting at 2.00pm ALL 6 RINKS WILL BE IN USE
Posted by Kerry Weston on 07 October 2017
National Drawn Pairs Championship Saturday 14th October 2017 Start time 9.30 ALL SIX RINKS WILL BE IN USE for EALABA Internal National competition
WOW on Wednesday Afternoons
Posted by Kerry Weston on 28 September 2017
WOW ..... Wednesday Afternoon Competition Come along, dates advertised on the entrance hall Noticeboard, to join in. This is open to everyone.... all you need to do is arrive by the time spedified, add your name, and PLAY..... as simple as that... with the chance to win at the end of the season, Vouchers. Run by our Lady Captain, Gill Ardin and Vice Captain, Jackie Smith, this is open to ALL MEMBERS of our Club.......... come along and give it a go....... Speak to Gill or Jackie for further information
Ladies Wednesday Afternoon Inter-Club Matches
Posted by Kerry Weston on 28 September 2017
Winter 2017/2018 season is up and running, and the time for the Lady Members, new and old, to start participating in the inter-club matches that are being arranged throughout the season Our Lady Captain, Gill Ardin, and Vice Captain, Jackie Smith, work hard to get the competitions organised and are on the look out for as many lady members to play as possible...... sheets are on the notice board under Ladies Section, in the entrance hall for you to add your name. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, it is a great way to meet people from other clubs, gain experience in playing at different venues, socialising and supporting our club. Thank you Gill and Jackie for organising the events.
Posted by Kerry Weston on 28 September 2017
Kerry Weston, the incoming Welfare Officer, has successfully completed the Training Course for Safeguarding and Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. Kerry will work alongside the current Welfare Officer/Head Coach, Ken Richmond, to learn and gain experience in this area.
Message from the Outdoor President
Posted by B.P. Burton on 02 April 2017
Ladies & Gentlemen, Just a few things about the Outdoor Section We are now affiliated to the BBA, Warwickshire & Bowls England and our main aim this season is to increase our membership. We are looking at different ways of doing this & to start with, we invite members of the Indoor section to come along to our opening day on Saturday 15th April at 2.00pm and on any Wednesday at 2pm when we have our club afternoons. We are not trying to take bowlers away from the Indoor section, so if you are not bowling indoors this summer, come along and give the Outdoors a try. You can still do your Indoor & Crown Green bowling & come and join us as our fixture do not clash with the Indoor schedule. We have a full fixture list for the coming season, including two touring sides, a County game & two BBA Representative games. Additionally there is also the BBA League. New members from the Indoor section do get a 25% discount on their subscriptions for the first year, which are £40. If you would like any information, please see Bob Allcock, Alan Install or myself, Hope to see you on the green Terry Harris Outdoor President
Warwick Trophy
Posted by B.P. Burton on 06 March 2017
After a nail biting wait, Alan Palmers Tamworth team were declared as the winners of the Warwick Trophy following a number of very good tight matches. Well done Gentlemen
Ladies Top Six
Posted by B.P. Burton on 06 March 2017
News Item Pic
Congratulation to our girls on coming second in the Warwickshire Top Six Competition
Our Club is also home to EALABA and its accomplished disability bowlers
Posted by Alex Griffin on 15 November 2016
Bowls for the disabled is an integral part of the bowls culture, here at Tamworth & District Indoor Bowls Club. Wheelchair access is provided throughout the Club, along with various types of bowling aids. Special wheelchairs can be loaned for use on the rinks. Coaching is an important facility in our Club, and we have highly experienced coaches who can help to teach you the game of bowls if you are interested in playing the sport. If you are already a disabled bowler, you may be interested in joining EALABA, the English Amputee & Les Autres (the others) Bowls Association. Our Tamworth Club is the home base of EALABA. A number of full members of our Club are also members of EALABA and DBE (Disability Bowls England). Irrespective of your disability, and your bowls experience or ability, you will be welcomed in the Club. You can compete at whatever level you wish, from friendly 'roll-ups' to playing with disabled International players. You will also be able to play along with any and all Club members at whatever level you feel comfortable. Within our Club, we have a Disabled World Championship bowls silver medallist; Commonwealth Games bronze medallist and two England Internationals. Whether your disability is physical, neurological, visual or other, you will receive a warm welcome here at Tamworth & District Indoor Bowls Club.
Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club supports the Armed Forces Community
Posted by Alex Griffin on 31 October 2016
From October 2017, T.I.B.C. will offer a discount of 10% off a full membership subscription, to members of the Armed Forces and veterans. The discount will be granted on presentation of a current 'Defence Privilege' card. The card is available to the following personnel: Serving Forces, Veterans, Reserve Forces, Spouses/Partners of serving Forces, War/Service Widow(er)s, Bereaved Family Members, MOD Civil Servants, NATO personnel in UK, and Cadet Force members (aged over 16). Additionally the card allows a discount on a wide range of goods and services from a wide range of Uk retailers, restaurants etc. The 'Defence Privilege' card is available from the Defence Discount Service at: www.defencediscountservice.co.uk