Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club

Club Prices

Annual Membership
Full membership with effect October 2018 (£40.00)
Social Membership (£5.00)
Juniors (£0.00)
Casual Bowling and Chummies
Members (£3.00)
Juniors (£1.50)
Non-members (£5.00)
League and Club Competitions
Only members allowed to participate (£3.00)
Non-Member Visiting Groups
Up to 11 bowlers in group (£5.00)
12 or more bowlers in group (£4.50)
Weekend and Midweek Inter-Club Matches
Including tea & biscuits (£5.50)
Extra charge to apply for a meal, starting from £10.50 (£10.50)
National Individual Competitions
Men and women per double session (£4.00)
National Inter-Club Competitions
Denny, Yetton, Egham, Mason, Mens' Over 60s, Top Club (£0.00)
Warwick Trophy cost is per 4 hour session (£4.00)
County Matches
Bowling with meal included (£11.00)